Carol Watkins

Magician, Puppeteer, Ventriloquist, and Storyteller

storytelling programs

Ozark Tall Tales

As juicy as wild huckleberries, as down home as sorghum and warm biscuits, as delightful as sassafras tea on a cold morning, that’s Ozark Tall Tales.  Carol shares stories from the Ozark region of Missouri.  Her artistic and energetic style, punctuated by her use of Ozark colloquialisms and songs, is sure to delight any audience.  This interactive program is suitable for grades K-4.

Eeny, Meany, Miny, Mo or Choices Have Consequences

Carol Watkins tells Aesop’s Fables with their wise teachings called morals.  There is much to learn about choices and consequences.  Let the animals in these time-tested fables both entertain and teach.  This program is interactive, high-energy, and instructional.  It is suitable for grades K-4.

Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After

They have stood the test of time.  They are loved, told and retold.  Fairy tales never go out of style.  Carol Watkins shares her favorites in a fun, energetic, interactive experience.  Come enter the wonderful land of make-believe.  It is suitable for grades K-4.

Storybook Favorites

Old and new stories come alive as Carol takes on the voices of the different characters and acts out the adventure.  These are interactive tales will resonate with the audience and are suitable for grades K-4.


Show Me Famous Missourians

What do Walt Disney, George Washington Carver and Laura Ingalls Wider all have in common?  All three called Missouri home.  Carol Watkins presents an interactive storytelling experience bringing famous Missourians of the past to life.  Learn about Walt Disney’s first drawing done on toilet paper.  Find out how George Washington Carver proved that peanuts were good for more than a treat to eat at the circus.  Experience the exciting adventures on the American frontier that Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about in the Little House on the Prairie series.  Recommended for grades 2-6 and adults.