Carol Watkins

Magician, Puppeteer, Ventriloquist, and Storyteller

storytelling programs

history programs

Carol's artistic and energetic style  is sure to delight any audience. 

Carol's american history programs bring to life early pioneers, abraham Lincoln, Famous Missourians, and mountain men.

find out more about carol and her history as a teacher, educator and entertainer.

Carol incorporates music, stories, props, and puppets to captivate and interact with her audience.  Her energetic and upbeat presentations connect with any age group.  She uses puppets, finger plays, short stories and (sometimes) flannelgraph to entertain preschoolers ages 2-5.  For primary and older children (ages 6-12) she tells fast-paced stories interspersed with easy-to-learn songs. 

Older adults relish her nostalgic Minnie Pearl impersonations and funny school day stories.  Carol is dramatic and uses many character voices.  She is as fun to watch as she is to hear.  From her favorite children's stories to her historical tales about Missouri's famous and infamous people, Carol is sure to delight audiences of any age.

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